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Install MS-DOS 6.22 in a Virtual Machine for Fun and Profit

Getting Started

Probably not so much for profit, but wether its to play some retro video games, a curiosity and interest in vintage computing, or maybe just a stroll through tech-nostalgia, getting DOS 6.22 setup in a virtual machine is a wonderful way to spend 45 minutes. In my case, DOS was the first “modern” OS I had ever used and this would be a nostalgic trip through early 90s computing. Honestly, I used it mostly to play Doom 1, Wolfenstein 3D, and a handful of other classics like Quake 1 and Oregon Trail.

Released sometime in 1994, MS-DOS 6.22 was the last of the “stand alone” Disk Operating Systems that Microsoft would release. DOS 7.0, which shipped with Windows 95, and subsequent releases were mainly used to bootstrap the Windows GUI and offer a layer of backwards compatibility with existing software.

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